Css Bar chart changable according to database output

<?php include_once(‘checksession.php’); ?>
<span style=”color:white;float:right;”><a href=”logout.php”>Logout</a></span>
$userid = $_SESSION[‘id’];
$result=mysql_query(“select * from ea_results where USER_ID='”.$userid.”‘”);

.bargraph ul
list-style-type:none !important;
margin: 0px !important;
.label li {
height:25px !important;
font-size:9px !important;
width:55% !important;
<link href=’http://pics.cssbakery.com/pics/css/verticalbargraph.css&#8217; rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’/>

You scored:
<div class=”bargraph” style= “width: 365px;”>
<ul class=”bars”>
<li class=”bar1″ style=”height: <?php echo $a=($res[‘magical’] *2) +1 ;?>%;”><?php echo $res[‘magical’] ;?></li>
<li class=”bar2″ style=”height: <?php echo $b=($res[‘logical’] *2 ) +1;?>%;”><?php echo $res[‘logical’] ;?></li>
<li class=”bar3″ style=”height: <?php echo $c=($res[‘critical’] *2)+1 ;?>%;”><?php echo $res[‘critical’] ;?></li>
<li class=”bar4″ style=”height: <?php echo $d=($res[‘agile’] *2) +1 ;?>%;”><?php echo $res[‘agile’] ;?></li>

<ul class=”label”><li>Magical</li><li>Logical</li><li>Critical</li><li>agile</li></ul>
<ul class=”y-axis”><li>Max</li><li>30</li><li>20</li><li>10</li><li>0</li></ul>



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